Presenter: Mr. Mitsunobu Fukushima
Brief profile: System developer, I love to go out fishing all around Japan.
My recommended SHOYU: “YUASA” manufactured and sold by Ohara Hisakichi

630 JPY (300ml), 1260 JPY (900ml)

Recommended points: A big warm hello to friends who love “sashimi” (raw fish)! I would personally very much like to recommend this particular SHOYU named “YUASA” which goes perfectly well with sashimi, especially white fish and tuna fish. The immense flavor of the broth which courses through your nose right at the moment you taste this “YUASA” with sashimi is just so magnificent. In the past, I have tried so many kinds of naturally brewed SHOYU since I love to go out fishing and enjoy eating sashimi with my fishing friends. However, tasting this “YUASA” for the first time in my life was miraculously shocking as it tasted so different, good and made my sashimi really delicious. “YUASA” which is manufactured in Wakayama prefecture is the region famously known for SHOYU brewing. In the same way that we find many wine chateaux in the region of Bourgogne, “YUASA” also has various types of brands, but ever since I met this particular brand, this has always been my choice. But don’t forget! Actually, this brand does not go well with bonito sashimi, just in case there are any international friends who eat raw bonitos! In fact, the two together clashes as this “YUASA” gives too much flavor against the bonito sashimi which has a strong fish smell. For bonito sashimi, I would suggest you to use SHOYU which has been unsealed and used for at least 2 weeks.



推薦者: 福島光伸さん
プロフィール: システム開発者・趣味は釣りで北は青森の大間から南は沖縄まで、
お薦めの醤油: 小原久吉商店 湯浅醤油

特長: 格調高いもろみの香りとうまみ。やわらかい塩味。
刺身好きの海外のみなさんこんにちは! 僕がお薦めするのは、白身の魚とマグロの刺身に最高に合うこの醤油です。口に含んだ時に鼻に抜けるもろみの香りが素晴らしい。自分が釣った魚をさばいて仲間たちと食べるのが楽しみで、色々な天然醸造醤油を買っては試してきたんだけど、この醤油を口にしたとき、「出会った!」と衝撃を受けました。和歌山県の湯浅は醤油の産地で、ブルゴーニュにワインのシャトーたくさんがあるように、湯浅にもいろんな醤油ブランドがあるけれど、僕はここと決めています。


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