“Washi” Episdoe 1


“Washi” Episdoe 1

Masks with humorous expressions. Their colors and shapes are very beautiful, aren’t they? These masks are traditional folk crafts which have kept is tradition from the Edo period and made from Japanese paper or washi. Its making process involves pasting multi-layers of washi and once they are dry, we unmold it. This particular technique is called “hariko” and there are numerous folk crafts made using this technique nationwide. The soft and gentle touches of washi, together with the bright colors make them very attractive. Washi is made of paper, but you will be astonished by its toughness and durability. The mask of a man wearing the polka-dotted tenugui (Japanese washcloth) has a name of “hyottoko”. Moreover, the mask of a woman with puffy pink cheeks is named “okame”. The bright red colored mask is the “red ogre”. When you visit Japanese festivals, you will find shops selling these traditional masks but as well as masks made of plastic with popular animation characters.


ユーモラスな表情のおめん。色も形もキレイでしょ? 江戸時代から伝わる民芸品で、和紙でできています。型の上に何枚も和紙を貼り重ね、乾いてから型を外して成形しています。「」という技法で、全国各地に張子の民芸品があります。和紙の手触りのやさしさと、鮮やかな色合いがなんとも魅力的。紙製なのに驚くほど丈夫です。水玉の手ぬぐいを巻いたおじさんは「ひょっとこ」。その右上のふっくらした頬の女性が「おかめ」。真っ赤な顔は「赤鬼」。日本のお祭りにはお面売りの屋台が出て、こうした伝統的なモチーフから、プラスチック製のアニメの人気キャラクターまでが仲良く並んで売られています。



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